Nampa 200GANA-1696 Magi Friendly First Shot 1092 Yui 21 years old female college student

Nanpa girl who got this time at Ikebukuro in the evening was a coffee lady working at a nearby pachinko shop ♪ Black hair, neat and neat and unassuming personality, but when asking for an interview “I can hand it out,” is “Really?” I changed my eyes and eaten ♪ I’m a college student who attends any university in Tokyo and now I live by myself. Seemed in trouble in considerable money, Datte also do such because the are you bytes in the hourly wage of the good pachinko parlor! ! But, was there considerable stress accumulated … when it becomes etched, the personality changes! I will change

夜の池袋で今回ゲットしたナンパ娘は、近くのパチンコ屋で働くコーヒーレディでした 黒髪・清楚で控えめな性格ながら「ご飯代くらいはお渡し出来ますよ」とインタビューをお願いしたら「ホントですか」と目の色を変えて喰い付いてきた♪なんでも都内の大学に通う大学生で、現在は一人暮らし。相当お金に困ってるらしく、時給の良いパチンコ屋でバイトしているのもそのためなんだって!!でも、相当ストレスが溜まっていたんでしょうか…エッチになると性格が変わるんです!変わっちゃうんです

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